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A Credit Repair Company That Gets Results: an Interview with David Annakie Sr., CEO of USA Credit Repair

Brett Farmiloe
  • Brett Farmiloe  | Mar 2 
  •   4 min read

    credit repair company

    We caught up with David Annakie Sr., CEO of USA Credit Repair, to talk about the company and the future of the credit repair industry. David says credit is becoming more and more important as technology advances. Here’s a look at what David had to say about the credit repair company.

    1. What’s your story? How, when and why did you start USA Credit Repair? 

    USA Credit Repair was established 14 years ago and over that time period has helped tens of thousands of clients improve their credit scores and reach their financial goals, whether that be opening a credit card, leasing a car or buying a home. The CEO, David Annakie founded his media company, Linkup Media Group in 1996, focusing on powerful entertainment groups, premium health products and life improvement operations. 

    Through the operation of this conglomerate enterprise which deals with multicultural communities, he came to realize that credit issues are not dependant upon culture or education or income, they affect everyone, everywhere, in all walks of life. Through the personal relationships that he built with his clients, It became clear that many of them were in need of financial education and subsequently, credit repair. In an effort to provide this need to his clients, USA Credit Repair was born.

    2. What makes USA Credit Repair stand out among credit repair companies in the U.S.?

    Our process is very different than all other credit repair companies. Unlike all other companies that just send out the same old dispute letters over and over, we use our expertise in credit reporting and consumer protection laws. We have certified credit experts assigned to each case who will work with both the credit bureaus and the creditors directly and try to find reasons within the law why negative information could or should be removed from your credit reports. 

    This ensures that the process is completed in a quicker time frame as we work on all negative items with each round of work instead of a select few in an attempt to drag out the process. It also ensures that when we remove an item from a clients credit report that it will not come back at a later time.

    3. How has the need for credit repair grown in the past few years? 

    As we continue to rapidly move into a world that is completely dependent on technology, credit continues to become increasingly more important. Long gone are the days of being able to get a loan or an extension of credit based on personal relationships or your history with a financial institution. As everything becomes more and more automated, credit scores are the only thing that matters.

    In this day and age your credit score controls your financial life and therefore controls your ability to support yourself and your family, in terms of obtaining transportation, purchasing a home or even potentially getting a job. A bad credit score can literally put your entire life on hold, so it should be a top priority for every person to get their credit in order.

    4. What piece of advice would you give to someone interested in increasing their credit score? 

    There are a number of things that any consumer can do to maintain and/or improve their credit score. The basics are to make sure that they are paying all of their bills on time, keeping the balances on their credit cards as low as possible and limiting the amount of new credit that they apply for. 

    For people that have negative items on their credit reports, in addition to the rules above, my advice is for them to hire professionals like us to work on trying to remove the negative items. Many people think that they can work on their credit themselves, and in theory, that is true, however often times that can actually make it more difficult for a company such as ourselves to have success, if they are not successful.

    There is a lot of incorrect, outdated information out there in regards to how to work on credit. Credit Repair is an ever changing business and it is important to have experts who stay on top of the changes in laws and procedures to do the work for you. I always tell people, “sure you can go online and research how to repair your car and then try it yourself”, but you wouldn’t, because you would leave it to the professionals. It should be the same philosophy with credit repair.

    5. What kinds of customers do you work with? 

    As mentioned earlier, the credit repair industry is immune to any sort of demographic profiling. It doesn’t matter where a person is from, what their education level is or how much money they make, credit issues can affect anyone at any time. 

    We have helped high ranking executives who make hundreds of thousands of dollars as often as we have helped people who have lost their jobs and been out of work for years. Our customer is ANYONE who has a credit issue that wants the matter resolved as quickly as possible and wants to make sure that it is in the hands of certified experts.

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