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Benefits of having credit card

They are very convenient to use. Most of businesses nowadays are accepting credit cards. Which mean you don’t
have to go to ATM and withdraw some cash before going shop. Keep in mind that not all shop accept tip via credit

Pay Over Time
You have the ability to pay off your balance over a period of time. It's good practice to pay your credit card balance
in full each billing period to avoid fees and interest. The exception is with charge cards, which require you to pay in
full to keep your card in good standing.
Making payments over time can be beneficial if you need an item or service immediately, but do not have the cash
at that moment.

Rewards for Use
Some cards give you the ability to earn rewards that can be used for cash, gift cards, miles, or other merchandise.
The more you use your credit card, the more rewards you earn. You can redeem your rewards as you go or save

Security Features
Credit cards are more secure than traditional checking methods. If someone gains access to your checking account,
they have the ability to drain it. You then have to wait for the bank to process your fraud report and replace the

If your credit card is stolen, you'll have to wait for the card issuer to clear up the fraud, but you'll not be cleaned
out in the process.