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Now is the best time to start paying attention to your credit score; not next week, next month or even tomorrow. The sooner you realize how important your credit score is and start taking steps toward fixing it, is the sooner you can own your dream home or that brand new car that you think about every night before going to bed.  We know that...
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A student loan is a form of loan designed to help students pay for post-secondary education and related fees, including tuition, books, and supplies.  What can student loans affect your credit score? A student loan will reinforce not just your account mix but your payment history as well.  The most significant aspect of your credit scores is payment history. This represents 35 percent of your...
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If you find an error on your credit report you may start freaking out. Don’t worry you can get the first 10 minutes to freak out after discovering it, and then it’s time to take action. You can dispute your credit report errors with the credit bureau on whose report you find the error. This can be done either online via the bureau’s website or...
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Identity theft is a frightening crime and chances are it may have happened to you or someone you know. It can damage your finances both short and long term and may significantly affect your credit score. If this should happen to you especially during a critical time like getting your mortgage approved, or while applying for an auto loan then you may start freaking out...
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  If you’re married, you have probably gone through the process of merging his and her belongs all together. But credit history is not among them. Many new couples assume that a new, merged credit report is created after they get married. Not true. Even if you’re married, your spouse’s individual credit history cannot be merged with yours. Building a financial future together can be challenging for...
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