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No Place for Bad Credit on the Road to Achieving Your Dreams

Now is the best time to start paying attention to your credit score; not next week, next month or even tomorrow. The sooner you realize how important your credit score is and start taking steps toward fixing it, is the sooner you can own your dream home or that brand new car that you think about every night before going to bed. 

We know that fixing your credit can be an intimidating experience because of how crucial it is to so many aspects of your life. That’s why we want to share these tips with you to help you get started. So read on to the end for a few minutes of knowledge that can change your entire life! 

Charge Small Amounts of money to Older Credit Cards

It’s very easy to forget about the older credit card when you get a new one that you use for everyday transactions. If you have a card that has been inactive for months, charge a small amount to it so that creditors can see that you are using the credit available to you as well as paying the balances in a responsible way. Charging a small amount and paying off the balance shows that you have a different mix of credit in use.

Remove a collections account from your report

People with a high credit score do not have any collections account on their reports. If there is a collection account reporting on your credit report, you should try to get the collection deleted. Do not just pay to have it removed as this may not improve your score, instead, you should negotiate a “pay for delete” and have this agreement in writing with the collector.

Get credit

Guess what having no credit means? If your answer is bad credit, then you guessed correctly. You need to have credit accounts reporting to your credit report in order to improve your credit score. You must have at least one open revolving account, even if you have no negative accounts. Ensure that this revolving credit account is being currently used with activity happening in the last six months. 

If your credit needs to be repaired it doesn’t have to be a nerve-racking experience. There are practical steps you can take to improve your score so you can be closer to achieving your life’s goals. 

Thank you so much for reading all the way through to the end! We hope you found this information useful and will soon get started with improving your credit report. Now we have a simple activity for you: Write down one major goal, whether it’s homeownership before reaching 40 years old or changing out that old car you drive for a more efficient model that does not leave you calling for roadside assistance so often. Whatever your goal is write it down. Now use it as your motivation to start taking steps to improve your credit so you can achieve these goals and so much more! We want you to live your life to the fullest and be an overachiever and that starts with addressing the elephant in the room. 

Be on the lookout for more financial tips like this when you stay tuned to our blog. Don’t forget to leave a comment to tell us when you start trying these tips. You can also share that major goal you wrote down with us; it might help to motivate others too!