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Tips on choosing right credit repair company

Start off by reading relevant information regarding credit repair. You can check out the Federal Trade Commission
site, which has valuable insights on credit repair and debt management as a whole. Besides, the law requires credit
repair companies to update you regarding your rights before you sign a contract.
It’s essential for the company to provide you with a Notice of Cancellation as well as a copy of the Consumer Credit
File Rights. This helps to protect you from unfair and deceptive advertising practices. Don’t sign any contract or
agreement before you read these documents.

The range of service offered

The scope of credit repair services varies from one company to the next. To prevent disappointments later on, you
should know what you’re paying for. Some credit repair companies will dispute items with credit bureaus and not
engage your creditors.
Others will dispute negative items in your credit report at all levels, and it would be better to deal with a company
that does the latter. Other credit repair firms offer credit-counseling services as well. So, find out what each
company offers and go with one that covers a board array of services to help you regain control of your finances.

Check reviews

Don’t just take the promises they tell you at face value. After all, they’re in business and will do their best to sell
you a service, and that’s understandable. So, you should find out what their previous customers say about the
You can read reviews about the company from its website and other review-based sites as well. Ensure the
company has handled problems similar to yours, and that they understand the solution you’re seeking. Besides, if
you’ve relatives, friends and colleagues who’ve worked with a credit repair company before, they can share their
recommendations with you.


A legit credit repair agency should be accredited by national credit services organizations. An example of such
organizations is the National Association of Credit Services Organizations. You may want to make a call to find out
about the accreditation of the firm.


The fees for the best credit repair service should be reasonable. This means the fees shouldn’t be too high. And,
don’t fall for a low-cost service that charges per item.

Finding a reputable credit repair firm is not easy. If you go with the first provider you find during your research
without keeping in mind the factors above, you may regret later. Do your due diligence first and you’ll find a
company that offers the best credit repair.